Alowa at a glance...

Alowa begun to bridge house holds with the easily available access to African Exotic foods. We noticed that the house holds living in the big cities, had easy access to the exotic foods, compared to the ones living in the far out skirt. So we felt that it was very important to bring people's favourite foods close to their homes....And that is how Alowa was born.


The world is changing fast,driven by different habits and ever more advanced technology for the consumers. Grocery is the target of all retail segments and is moving online, and so we felt it only fare to bring the African store close to you, our customers! Food is absolutely one of the most enjoyable ways to experience other cultures, and we Canadians get to do that a whole lot. Alow Foods intend to contribute towards this food diversity.


Our objectives is to provide customers with the best experience in terms of service, range and price.